Saturday, June 4, 2022

Let Me Speak - Joel

disappeared for awhile because I was (and still am) struggling with clinical depression. But today was a good day. A hopeful day. I want to thank everyone who responded to my posts & gofundme link. Whether you donated or sent me an encouraging word it really meant a lot. It gave me hope. I have a long way to go. Depression is a tricky thing. Whether it’s chemical or brought on by trauma or exacerbated by financial insecurity, the effects can be crippling, even deadly. It’s good to share. And if my story encourages anyone to be open about their own struggles with depression, all the better. Sometimes people can be a fully functioning depressive. You’d never know they were struggling at all. That was me for awhile. But then that person can fall into a major depression & isolate. This can be dangerous because all other things fall by the wayside. Relationships. Work. Bills. Mortgage. Etc. And then they wake up to find their outer life in as much chaos as their inner life. And things get even worse. That’s where I am. When dealing with depression you need stability. You need to be in a safe space. That’s what I am trying to fix now. My gofundme is not a cash grab. I am really working hard to save my house & will use the money to pay down debt by buying a used car to drive for lyft on top of my regular job as i work on my inner life with a therapist. The closer i get to my goal the less anxious i get. I also hope to pay it forward down the road. If I can pay every single person back I will. Thank you so much for listening. For sharing my story. For donating. Or for sending me words of encouragement. All appreciated. Sending you good vibes in return.

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